Honorary Consulate of Spain in Manchester

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Antonio Guillen Hederich is the Honorary Consul for Spain in Manchester since June 2013.

An Honorary Consul is a person who voluntarily provides help assuming the functions that the General Consulate delegates on him. In the case of Antonio, his functions depend on the General Consulate of Spain in Edinburgh.

In the UK there are two General Consulates, one in Edinburgh and one in London.

Antonio’s area of jurisdiction is North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester and his main tasks are to help with the first passports and passports renewals of Spanish children in the mentioned area that are less than 12 years old. For that, he gives faith that he has seen the minor and the parents stamping and signing the corresponding forms and he checks that the documentation is ready to be sent in a special delivery to the Consulate in Edinburgh that will process the passports.

Antonio also can assist in certain circumstances with the NIE applications (Número de Identifidad Extranjero) for those British individuals that need a tax identification number for any official transaction in Spain.

The Honorary Consulate is located in the building of gunnercooke LLP law firm in Manchester.

As well as the Honorary Consul, Antonio is a dual qualified Spanish lawyer and English solicitor working for law firm gunnercooke LLP. Together with his usual Notary Public, Antonio can prepare powers of attorney and wills for Spain as well as advise on Anglo-Spanish matters.

For further information, please contact Antonio Guillen on 07872 808 598.

Patricia Roldan

Picture: Antonio Guillen and Patricia Roldan in a recent consular event.

Official inaguration of the Honorary Consulate office in Manchester

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On Wednesday 26th February, the Consul General of Spain in Edinburgh, Mr. Miguel Utray Delgado visited the offices of DWF in Manchester in order to officially inagurate the Honorary Consulate and hand the Spanish flag, shield and seal to Antonio, who has been recently appointed as the Honorary Consul for Spain in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.

The ceremony took place with 50 guests from different sectors and professions, most of them related to Spain as well as representatives from the Arts, Language Schools and Universities.

Antonio felt very honoured by the pressence of the Consul General and the trust received and stated that he will do his best to assist the Consulate General in Edinburgh and promote the Spanish brand in the North of the UK.

The event proved a success with many guests enjoying the company of the other guests as well as the food, the music and drinks, all with a Spanish touch and flavour.


Spanish Honorary Consulate office in Manchester

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The Spanish Consulate in Manchester closed more than 2 years ago. Since then, all consular matters for the North West were transferred to the Spanish General Consulate in Edinburgh. Very recently an Honorary Consular office has been opened in Manchester and located in our Manchester office. The Honorary Consul is Antonio Guillen, writer of this blog, a dual qualified Spanish lawyer and English Solicitor at DWF LLP in Manchester. Antonio will cover the regions of Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.

The functions of an Honorary Consul vary depending on the Country. When it comes to Spain and the Honorary Consulate in Manchester, the functions are restricted to giving support to both Spanish and UK nationals in those matters where the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh requires assistance. Some of those functions are the following:

– Dealing with passport applications for Spanish nationals who are less than 12 years old

– Eventual support to Spanish nationals that require urgent assistance in this area of the country (subject to permission from the General Consulate in Edinburgh)

– NIE application forms for those cases where the applicant cannot travel to Edinburgh

– And in very specific cases, certificates and consular documents

The Spanish Honorary Consulate in Manchester cannot prepare Spanish powers of attorneys, wills or deeds but the firm where the Consulate is based can provide this service. Alternatively, those who need one of the 3 things quoted above can travel to the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh where this service can be provided or fly to Spain and get the said documents done by a Notary Public.

For further information on Consular matters please contact Spanishconsul@dwf.co.uk

For further information on Spanish legal matters please contact antonio.guillen@dwf.co.uk

Antonio Guillen appointed an Honorary Consul for Spain

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Antonio Guillen, Head of the Foreign Property team at DWF, has been appointed as an Honorary Consul for Spain for the Greater Manchester, West and North Yorkshire regions.

Antonio, dual-qualified in Spain and England, will support the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh, which covers the north of the UK with delegated powers in his assigned areas.

The role will allow DWF to forge stronger links with the Spanish ex-patriot community across the north.

Antonio said: “I am honoured to accept the role as Honorary Consul for Spain and look forward to providing assistance to the Spanish community in the area. I have worked as a solicitor in the UK for over ten years and know Manchester and the surrounding areas very well. It will be a privilege to be a member of the city’s diplomatic community in my new role.”

Antonio is not the only Consul on the DWF team – Mark Green, a partner in the Leeds office specialising in commercial law, is a German Consul for the north of England.

Photograph. Antonio Guillén and Laura Pérez, members of the Foreign Property Team

Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh- Powers of attorney







I have received several phone calls in the last few weeks asking me whether it would be possible to sign a power of attorney at the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh.

My understanding is that a new Consul will arrive shortly, probably in the next two weeks. Until such time, the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh will not be able to deal with powers of attorney. The rest of the consular services will not be affected but those who need to sign an urgent power of attorney will have to either fly to Spain or contact one of the law firms recommended by the Spanish Consulate (this firm being one of them) and sign the power of attorney in the UK.

In any event, it seems like a temporary situation and the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh should be able to resume its notarial services very shortly.

If you live in the North of England or in Scotland, do not travel to the Spanish Consulate in London without having spoken with them first. London is not obliged to take any requests from UK nationals who live outside their Consular jurisdiction so do not travel to the said Consulate unless you have spoken to London first and confirmed that they will be happy to see you for the signature of a notarial document.

London is a wonderful city, worth to visit a hundred times, but there is no point in spending several hours in the train when you may not get what you wanted.

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Changes in obtaining NIE in Spain

Good news! There has been a relevant development in Spain and from now on it is possible, again, to apply for a NIE numbers in Spain through a representative.  This means that those British nationals who require a NIE in Spain can give power of attorney to someone based in Spain and enable him or her to obtain their NIE on their behalf.

For the last 4 months it was no longer possible to obtain a NIE in Spain through a representative. However, a group of lawyers and professionals, interested in changing the situation, raised numerous complaints with the Spanish Government and managed to change a situation that seemed unfair and unnecesarily complicated.

As many people know, a NIE is necessary for several type of transactions such as opening a bank account, buying a property, inheriting an asset, paying taxes, etc. It is therefore a compulsory document for those who either own assets, plan to acquire them or intend to work in Spain.

From now on, those who require a NIE number have 3 ways to obtain it:

1. If the person is in Spain, he/she can go to the local Police Station and apply for the NIE in person.

2. If the person lives in the UK and cannot travel to Spain, he/she can apply through the Spanish Consulate in London or Edinburgh, depending on the territory where the said person lives.

3. Last but not least, the person can grant power of attorney to a third person to obtain the NIE in Spain.

This is a very positive outcome that restores the previous situation and returns UK nationals the right to obtain a NIE through power of attorney and without having to fly to Spain.

It is also a positive development that helps Spain to re-gain, little by little, the confidence of the foreign investor. The road to recovery is, in deed, very long and full of obstacles but hey, this can be a good starting point.


Attention please! Spanish Consular Services- Part II

This week I wrote a post explaining the counties that belong to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh. Somehow, the blog does not show the entire list so I now take the opportunity to provide the list in a more direct format.

To summarise what I was saying in my previous post, the Spanish Consulate in Manchester is no longer operative. If you live in one of the areas below you will now depend on the Consulate in Edinburgh, specially if you are Spanish or require something from the Spanish Consulate.

Cheshire, Cleveland, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, West Yorkshire and Northern Ireland.

I hope this time it can bee seen properly on the blog! If not, drop me an email and I will be happy to provide further information.


Spanish Consular Services in UK


Some time ago I informed about the closing of the Spanish Consulate in Manchester. I consider that this kind of news is always sad for both the Spaniards living in this country and the British and other nationals living in the North of England. We should not forget that Manchester is probably the second biggest city in the UK, and a priority destination for lots of youngster willing to learn English.

Independently of future appointments as there are some talks of appointing an Honorary Consul in the North of England, I want to take the opportunity to remind you of the new Spanish consular districts in the UK. Please note that you will have to contact the Consulate of London or Edinburgh depending on where you live:  


Consulado General de España en Edimburgo

63 North Castle Street

EdinburghEH2 3LJ

TEL: (0131) 220 1843












North Yorkshire.



Tyneand Wear

West Yorkshire

Northern Ireland.







Consulado General de España en Londres

20 Draycott Place

LondonSW3 2RZ

TEL: (0207) 589 89 89

E-mail: Cog.Londres@maec.es




East Riding –ofYorkshire



Isle ofAnglesey

Isle of Man




South Yorkshire




Fortunately the Consulate in Manchester is not completely disarmed. There is a Section of Labour and Immigration which is now working from a new address:





Phone (0161) 237 3736


By the way, if you are Spanish and looking to come to live to the UK, they have a lot of information about interesting topics. You can request freely their periodical news at sectrasm@btconnect.com.


 Photograph of a building in Manchester from www.dreamstime.com

The Spanish Consulate in Manchester has closed- Now what?

A little bit of bad news this week. The Spanish Consulate in Manchester has been closed down. Apparently, it has been considered redundant as there are Consulates in London and Edinburgh. This means that if you live in one of the following regions (Cleveland, Cumbria, Durham, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyshire, North Yokshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, West Yorkshire, Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone) you will now belong to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh.

Any person from those regions willing to apply for a NIE number through the Spanish Consulate or willing to sign a power of attorney or public deed before a Spanish Consul, will have to travel to Edinburgh.  This can prove complicated for most people, specially if they live in England. However, there are other options. The first one is to travel to Spain and sign there the required documents before a Spanish Notary or the Spanish Authorities, in the case of the NIE numbers. This can prove sometimes unnecesarily complicated, specially for those who are not fit to travel. Fortunately, there is another option which consists in contacting one of the few Spanish lawyers based in the UK such as the author of this article.

The said lawyer will draft the necessary documents and organise the signature before a UK Notary Public as well as its legalisation, saving the person the costs of having to travel to Spain.

So, a combination of good and bad news. It is definetly sad to see the Consulate close after more than 20 years in Manchester but it is good to know that there are a few Spanish lawyers in the UK who are still able to assist with most of the legal work that was previously carried out by the Notarial department of the Consulate.

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