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What is Gunnercooke? Very often I get asked this question by clients and contacts. They have heard that we are a diffent law firm to the standard, traditional and rigid law firms. However they do not know what makes the difference between us and other law firms.

See above an interesting video made by The Telegraph on our law firm Gunnercooke LLP which explains the ethos of the firm. It summarises quite well who we are, what we do and what we are aiming to achieve. You will note that our priority is client service. We believe that by focusing on clients, the rest (the financials, the success, the reputation) will follow eventually.

Interestingly, Gunnercooke LLP celebrated its annual symposium last week in Oxford where around 100 plus lawyers gathered to talk about the trajectory of the firm and listened to excellent speakers who talked about various subjects from business development to client quality service and even how to be happy! It was a good opportunity for lawyers from different departments to talk about what they are doing and the future of the legal profession.


It was also positive for us, the Spanish lawyers at Gunnercooke, to discuss burning subjects of today with other lawyers such as Brexit, the economy and how this could affect our clients and their interest in Spain.

A wonderful and enriching experience that we are eager to repeat next year. Specially in such a historic (and magical!) place as the Oxford College!!






Antonio Guillén and Claudia Font, Spanish lawyers at Gunnercooke LLP, at the annual Gala at the Oxford College.

Gunnercooke’s Spanish desk grows with another Spanish lawyer







I am glad to inform that Claudia Font has joined our law firm Gunnercooke LLP to form part of the Spanish desk. Claudia is qualified in Spanish law and is registered to practice in both Spain and England. She is originally from Barcelona and will be based in the North West of England helping to consolidate what is probably the largest Spanish desk in the North of England. Myself and Claudia will also travel regularly to London to meet clients in the capital and provide services to UK clients both in the North and the South.

For further information on the team see below.

Gunnercooke LLP                                                   



About Gunnercooke LLP

We are a full service legal firm, and our model is very simple:

  • We comprise solely senior lawyers – every lawyer has minimum 10,000 hours practising experience, and our clients not only benefit from the expertise this brings, but also from the authority it commands
  • We provide certainty and transparency over the cost of our services, providing fixed fee quotes that will never change
  • 95% of our lawyers have spent time in-house or in business, developing a commercial edge to their legal advice

Spanish legal services for individuals

 Gunnercooke LLP is probably the only law firm in the North of England with two qualified Spanish lawyers able to advise individuals in respect of their assets and investments in Spain.

The Spanish desk at Gunnercooke LLP is formed by Antonio Guillen and Claudia Font. Both of them are qualified to practice Spanish law and duly registered with the Law Society of Barcelona, Spain as well as the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales.

Antonio and Claudia are primarily based in the North West but have clients from all around the UK and can therefore advise UK clients regardless of their location. They also hold regular meetings with clients in the South through our London office.

The Spanish legal services provided by the Spanish desk are the following:

  • Sale and purchase of residential properties
  • Will drafting and estate planning
  • Administration of estates
  • Powers of attorney
  • Property disputes and litigation
  • Mortgages
  • Debt negotiation and Insolvency
  • N.I.E. numbers

About the team      

Antonio Guillen
Antonio Guillen


 Antonio Guillen is a dual qualified Spanish lawyer and English solicitor specialized in Spanish civil law, in particular property and probate matters in connection to assets in Spain. He gives regular lectures on Spanish law to UK solicitors, STEP practitioners and Notary Publics and is known as a point of reference for cross border probate matters between UK and Spain. Antonio is also the Honorary Consul for Spain in Manchester and helps the Spanish Consulate and Embassy with certain delegated tasks in respect of Spanish nationals living in the UK.

Claudia Font
Claudia Font

Claudia Font is qualified in Spain, member of the Barcelona Law Society and also authorized by the SRA to practice in England and Wales (Registered European Lawyer) with over 13 years of professional experience. She specializes in civil law (property, family, litigation and corporate law, in connection to matters of Spanish law). She is well experienced with the process of transferring Spanish assets after divorce proceedings with the British and international clients, as well as property and litigation.

Gunnercooke LLP


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T: 03330 143 401

Interview from the Law Gazzette

My legal life: Antonio Guillen

28 October 2013

Topics: Personal and professional development

Antonio Guillen


Head of foreign property, DWF, Manchester.

Watching LA Law in the late 1980s captured my attention and pushed me towards pursuing a career in law. I loved the talk, the looks and the suits. Life and a legal career then came to prove that a lawyer’s life is not always quite as glamorous, but I have never had any regrets.

My legal training took place in Spain and covered a variety of different areas of law, from property to criminal. A number of years later I also qualified as an English solicitor and found that, in spite of the differences, there are some commonalities and principles that can be applied regardless of the legal system and the jurisdiction.

As a lawyer you are occasionally required to work unsociable hours and to tight deadlines, although this is part of the job you are aware of when choosing a career in law and it adds to the variety. I never complain as my wife is a doctor and her shifts are much longer and more unsociable than mine.

There is a big difference between dealing with lawyers in the UK and lawyers in Spain, and in my daily job I deal with both. Lawyers in the UK usually prefer to communicate in writing, whereas lawyers in Spain prefer the telephone and face-to-face meetings.

I have never been keen on criminal law. I found it interesting while studying at university but I have always had a stronger passion for civil and international law, specially the latter due to my international background.

Even though I have only practised law for 15 years I have seen a big change. Technology has had a major impact on how we work and communicate, in particular it has increased the time and speed at which we can turn things around. Occasionally I miss how we used to work when I started my training; lawyers would often spend the morning in court or with clients, and the afternoons were spent learning and studying cases. On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that new technologies have proved very useful for international lawyers. The advancements have certainly made my job easier.

Specialisation is extremely useful when the economy is running well but it can be a hindrance when the times get tough. In Spain, for instance, where lawyers are less specialised, it helped individuals to survive the recession. However, in the UK, specialisation meant many lawyers were at a higher risk of redundancy because not everyone was able to rebrand as a specialist in a new area of law.