Spanish Limited companies- New advantages

On the 3rd December 2010, the Spanish Parliament issued a new law that speeds and reduces the costs of setting up a Spanish Limited company.

 The aforementioned law was a response to the current climate in which the raising unemployment rate has forced many Spaniards to become self-employed.

Up until December 2010 the costs for setting up a simple Spanish Limited Company were astronomical. The timescales involved were also too long as it used to take more than a month to set up a limited company.  

 The new law shortens the timescales involved to a quite satisfactory level more in line with other European countries. For instance, on applying for a name for the company, the “Registro Mercantil” (Spanish equivalent of the Companies House) will have to issue the name within 24 hours, allowing the Notary Public who prepares the Deed of Incorporation to have the deed ready in the following 24 hours. Once the Deed of Incorporation has been signed, the “Registro Mercantil” will get the deed registered in the following 3 days. The above means that the timescale to set up a Spanish Limited company has been shortened from 30 plus to 5 days.

The cost of setting up the company has also been noticeably reduced. It used to be in the region of 800 € but now a Spanish Company can be set up for only 100 €.

 This is a clear advantage for entrepreneurs willing to set up their own company in Spain and this will incidentally help the currently damaged Spanish Economy as more business will be created. On the other hand, Notaries and Registrars from the Companies House are a little bit sceptical about whether these new measures will make any difference to the already tumbled Spanish Economy. I wonder whether these comments from Notaries and Registrars are genuine and honest comments or just a simple rant after seeing their fees cut dramatically. As we say in Spain “It does not rain for the taste of everyone” (No llueve a gusto de todos).





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